Do you want to become successful?

What do you think that can make someone special is? Do you think successful businessmen look different to normal people?
Just look around and see if there is any person who has already been successful or any person that, you are definitely sure about, 
is going to become successful in the future? I suppose I’m still young to have a clear standard to decide it yet. But I found this saying that
successful men never say these 9 sentences.

1. It’s impossible!
2. I don’t care!
3. Why should I be the one doing this?
4. I don`t think we should change the way to do things
5. Stop asking questions!
6. Thank you, but I am not looking for any feedback.
7. But what if we fail?
8. I know better!
9. But that’s just too hard.

Incidentally, these 9 sentences are what I have said a lot these days facing the last terms upcoming. Then,, It means I have to give up becoming a successful man? Oops I said it again even. What do you think about it? Do you agree? or Do you think success is just totally up to how hard you try to do something and these are just common things that people like to nibble?

Education system in Finland

I’m going to Finland on this August to study there as an exchange student.
Actually, it has been merely 4 months since I came back to Korea from the U.K but this will be the last chance to study abroad
with the support from my school. Moreover, this will be the best opportunity eve to enlarge my level of English with respect to topics
used in business environment. As exchange student program is proceeded by school, it has required the students selected to do a lot of things like searching information about each country we are going to and comparing it to Korea etc.

So, this is what I found and presented already. I did it about education system in Finland. Because Finland is well known for the greatest country in terms of their standard of education system which is very distinctive, I suppose, which is the nearest with the ideal one.

1. Background of it
I thought Finland was originally developed country like other countries were in Europe such as Sweden and Norway etc. But it wasn’t. In Finland, there were not as much raw materials as in near countries. And also Finland is located right next to Russia so the overall temperature is a lot lower than Korea. It means it doesn’t have appropriate environment to harvest enough crops that fulfill the amount of the whole demand. So they should be dependent on importing them from other countries. Apart from forestry, other industries haven’t been developed. Furthermore, there haven’t been any big companies that bring profits to Finland like Samsung in Korea. Given these facts, the government of Finland had to decide where they put in a great deal of effort and it was educating people. Because they believed a human is the most valuable resource that could contribute to develop their country.

2. Difference that Finland education has from other countries
They raised the qualification of teachers because they believed how well students grow is totally up to teachers. According to this perspective on teachers that Finland has, they guarantee the authority of each school and teacher. Authority is power. Teacher can choose books and every curriculum in each term with the consideration of the level of students and situations. Of course there are overall guide lines indicated by central government but teachers in Finland don’t have to be obsessed with them unlike Korea. So, these two things are treated as the main reasons that had a huge impact on the result of putting Finland on the first grade in PISA, program for international student assessment.

3. General course of it
This is a table showing schools in Finland in order. General course that students will take is almost same as Korea. But the obvious difference between these two countries is the range of courses supported by the government. Finland offers the all nations equal and free opportunity to study by graduate schools. Comparing this to Korean’s one in more detail, there is no middle schools in Finland because they have united elementary schools and middle schools. So, as you see this table, it takes 9 years for students to graduate from this basic school. For these 9 years, all the expenses such as meals, books and even cost of transportation are covered by the government. After that, 60% of the students go on to a general school where teachers teach students subjects such as languages and  mathematics and the rest of them go on to a vocational high school where students are able to learn technology and something like that. It is common that vocational high schools collaborate with many companies on a lot of projects they are getting through. What I found it impressive is most Finnish students don’t go straight on to a university after graduating from their high schools. Before they do, they do as much experience as they can, trying to find out what they really want to become or which kind of works are suitable for them. Lastly it is possible for students who graduate from high school enter a vocational high school again and this course is also covered by the government.
(* please check a pile attached) Educational stystem

4. Their ways to educate
First one is that a teacher in each class more focuses on each student, which means they admit that every student has their own quality and teacher should play an important role to make them realize what they are good at.
Secondly, their report cards don’t include ranks because they don’t compete with others but themselves. What teachers evaluate is how much each student develops comparing to the previous result and this helps students to be motivated and inspired to study in an effective way.
Lastly, there are special classes in all schools. It doesn’t only refer to classes for disabled students but also students who have a problem with keeping up with a curriculum. For example, suppose that there was a boy who has a gift for mathematics but he might not be good at languages. These sorts of students occupy 20% of the all. Teachers focus on helping them to get back to general classes as soon as possible by providing them with additional education.

5. Teachers in Finland
A teacher is one of the most preferable jobs in Finland. Reputation of teachers is almost same as doctors so it will be easy for you to understand how preferable job a teacher is in Finland. Obviously, there are as many students who want to become a teacher as in Korea. But, I think the aim to become a teacher in Korea is a bit more based on leading a stable life.
Anyway, as I said earlier, students who want to become a teacher are required to get at least a master degree. The other processes are almost similar with us. Firstly they have to go on to a general high school and take an exam to be allowed to enter a university. This exam is classified into three steps. In the first step, they have to write an essay after reading three books indicated by a university for each subjects. It takes normally 6 hours and the number of subject is 5. After they enter a university which has a department of education, they can pick one of these following subjects. In the end, they can become a teacher based on a subject they choose.

This is the end of my post. I thinks it is not enough to get you to know about universities there. To be honest with you guys, I’m going to experience it directly in 2 months and then, I will upload the post about it in more detail. Thanks.

Chaebols: Fueling the Growth of Korea’s Economy

AIM Leader Magazine

By Harsh Sonawala, MBA 2010

South Korea had one of the world’s fastest growing economies from the early 1960s to the late 1990s. South Koreans refer to this growth as the “Miracle on the Han River,” basing it on the growth of Seoul. South Korea is heavily dependent on export and is the 8th largest exporter in the world. Korea’s growth was spurred by rapid industrialization and an adoption of an outward-looking strategy. As South Korea has low natural resource endowment, low savings rate, and a tiny domestic market, this export driven strategy promoted economic growth through labor-intensive manufactured exports, in which South Korea could develop a competitive advantage. Government initiatives played an important role in this process. The inflow of foreign capital was greatly encouraged to supplement the shortage of domestic savings. These efforts enabled South Korea to achieve rapid growth in exports and subsequent increases in income.


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Diverse English accents

While having been in the U.K, What I found it most interesting was the wide variety of accents in English. I had already known that the difference of accent exists between the U.K and the U.S.A but I didn’t expect that I could be exposed to that such a lot of accents there. The interest of it also led me to travel around the U.K instead of other countries in Europe. I’ve been around 16 cities in total, the accent of each city was different. The most impressive accent among them was surely the one in Liverpool. It is called scouse accent.

[Small explanation of scouse accent]

Scouse is an accent and dialect of  found primarily in the Metropolitan county of Mersyside, and closely associated with the city of Liverpool. The accent is known to be as far reaching as Flintshire in Wales, Runcorn in Cheshire and Skelmersdale  in Lancashire. The Scouse accent is highly distinctive, and has little in common with those used in the neighbouring regions of Cheshire and Lancashire. The accent itself is not specific to all of Merseyside, with the accents of residents of St Helens and Southport, for example, more commonly associated with the historic Lancastrian accent.

As Korean has its own dialect in each city, the U.K was same as us, I guess, every country as well. The following language that
I’m going to learn is probably going to be Chinese or Spanish. Then, it will be definitely crucial to choose which area I’m going to go
because the accent there will be my one. Anyway, I hope you guys to go to Youtube, typing just “English accents”. You will find loads of videos about it. In reference, my favorite one is . Enjoy!



NO Planes, Trains & Automobiles

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The Office Inbetweener

As one of the newbies at the FIRM, I was keen to attend every social gathering going; even Friday night drinks with the old-timers.

One guy in particular, Big Fat Pauly, who was considered some sort of folk legend, couldn’t resist telling me about the shit he used to pull when he was my age. And as I stood there pretending to lap it all up, I remember thinking, Whatever old man, your tales wouldn’t even make the appendix if I ever chose to write a book.

It was getting close to midnight and I was getting impatient. So I chugged my beer, made my excuses and headed for the exit. But before the door closed, I could just make out the words, “same time next week then?”

Someone kill me now if all my Friday nights are going to be like this.

I’d have preferred not to catch…

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